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The safeTEEN Driving Academy is a safe driving program of the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina focused on preventing the injuries and deaths of young drivers in traffic crashes. Classes are four hours in length and offered on various Saturdays in our Charlotte and Raleigh locations. Teen drivers have the highest motor vehicle crash risk of any age group. They have double the likelihood of having a fatal crash than adults, and they are less likely to be wearing a seat belt.

The safeTEEN Driving Academy engages teen drivers in:

✔ Behind-the-Wheel Training

✔Classroom Training

✔Small group safety demonstrations and activities

✔Driver Observation Assessment

✔Traffic Laws and Safe Driving Practices

✔Final Exam with immediate review

✔Certificate of Completion

In Charlotte

young drivers will be evaluated on the City of Charlotte's Vehicle Operations Center - a state of the art driver training facility set up with challenging courses like Decisive Action and Off-Road Recovery. Students will also be challenged with other activities and demonstrations on distracted driving, speed management, vehicle inspection, following distance, managing intersections, and responding to emergency vehicles.

In Raleigh

instructors utilize our Driver Observation Assessment as they evaluate driving skills and attitudes on local streets in a Council vehicle. Our safety professionals will grade students (A, B, C, D) in their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The safeTEEN Driving Academy

began in May 2014, but the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina has been active in traffic safety education since 1960. The Council is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit association accredited as the State Chapter of the National Safety Council.

Steve Davis

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor

David Horne

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor


Mike Dial

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor

Beth Rimmer

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor


Kelvin Brimm

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor

Jacob Scott

safeTEEN Driving Academy Instructor

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