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Public Sector MESH

Core course (30 of 100 MESH Hours)

Are you responsible for managing safety in local, state, or federal government?

Then our new Public Sector MESH (Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health Program) is the certificate program designed for you!

There is a lot to know about occupational safety and health. The responsibilities associated with safety have increased in recent years. Training that is specific to the unique public sector environment will prepare you to meet the challenges found in the diverse work environment of today. The Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Labor and NC State University, have developed the Public Sector MESH program to recognize individuals working in the public sector who complete 100 training hours in safety and health course work relevant to this specialized environment. Although 70 hours of training may be selected from a variety of courses available through the sponsoring organizations, 30 hours of core course training is required to earn the certificate. This requirement can be met by completing the Public Sector – MESH, Core Course Week.

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry - 1-1/2 Days

This condensed course covers the essential OSHA regulations.Completion of this portion of the week earns the widely recognized OSHA card.

Workplace Violence - 1/2 Day

Whether it's an employee, customer, or stranger, how we react in workplace violence situations is critical. This session will focus on plan development and training to be ready to deal with an incident as it happens and its aftermath.

Ergonomics for Worksites - 1 Day

Learn to take control of the #1 cause of workplace injuries by designing and implementing a practical, effective ergonomics program. In one day you will learn how to recognize risk factors, conduct an ergonomic worksite analysis, evaluate and rank hazards, and select appropriate control methods.

Multi-Employer Worksite - 1/2 Day

Now more than ever, it’s important for government agencies to clearly establish who is responsible for safety at multi-employer worksites. OSHA’s multi-employer policy says controlling employers may be responsible for the safety of other employers’ workers, including when a general contractor hires subcontractors.

Making Sense of Safety - 1/2 Day

This session will bring it all together in a balanced approach to safety that empowers employees, inspires continuous improvement, and satisfies OSHA requirements. You will learn tools for “selling” safety in your agency, benchmark your safety performance, and evaluate the role that worker safety plays in the successful delivery of services by your agency.


$495 Member or Non-Member

30 MESH Hours

Training Dates:

August 12-15, 2019 in Raleigh

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