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Traffic Ticket in Other North Carolina Counties

Where you receive your traffic ticket has everything to do with what your options may be. District attorneys responsible for the prosecution of traffic cases in 78 of North Carolina’s 100 counties participate in the Safety and Health Council’s Safe Driving Programs. Defensive Driving Courses ( 4 Hour, Alive at 25, 8 Hour) are offered through the local NC community colleges.To explore your options, first determine the county in which you were ticketed. This is indicated on your North Carolina Uniform Traffic Citation. See below:

If you have a pink citation click here

If you have a white citation click here

Click on the county you received your ticket in for more information about registering for a defensive driving class!

NC Counties Wake County Driving School Beaufort, Hyde, Tyrrell, and Washiington Counties driving school

Traffic Ticket In Other States

Many states across the country recognize the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Courses for traffic violations. It is your responsibility to determine what options you might have for a traffic ticket received in a state outside of North Carolina. If you would like to complete a 4-hour or 8-hour course, the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina offers a variety of course times at our Charlotte and Raleigh offices. There are also 41 community colleges across the State that also are accredited to offer some or all of the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses.

Simply click a county listed below to get contact information from the Training Agency nearest you. Once you successfully complete the class, you will receive a numbered, non-reproducible National Safety Council Certificate of Completion. Please remember that it is always your responsibility to resolve traffic violations charged against you.