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Everyone knows that traffic tickets can result in court appearances, fines, and higher insurance costs. However, you may have additional options in Mecklenburg, Wake, and select other North Carolina counties that can save you money while improving your driving. Since 1989 our Safe Driving Program has provided drivers with potential reductions on a traffic violation in exchange for completing the 4-hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course.

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North Carolina Counties

Where you receive your traffic ticket has everything to do with what your options may be. District attorneys responsible for the prosecution of traffic cases in 64 of North Carolina’s 100 counties participate in the Safety and Health Council’s Safe Driving Programs. Defensive Driving Courses are offered through the local NC community colleges.To explore your options, first determine the county in which you were ticketed. This is indicated on your North Carolina Uniform Traffic Citation. See below:


Defensive Driving Program Participating Counties:


Defensive Driving Program Courses

  • safeTEEN Driving Academy
  • Alive At 25 - 4 Hour Teen Driver National Safety Council's Alive at 25 defensive driving courseThis course shows young drivers how to take greater responsibility for their driving behavior.

  • DDC-4 Hour - This course demonstrates the consequences NSC's DDC 4 Hour Driving Courseof poor choices that drivers make behind the wheel, putting defensive driving into personal context.

  • DDC-8 Hour - Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving - This course National Safety Council's 8 Hour Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Courseaddresses the attitudes of problem drivers to change their driving behaviors. Participants learn the choices they make have financial, legal, and personal consequences.