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Mind and Body Wellness On and Off the Job

$95 Member/Non-Member

4 MESH Hours

Coming off a stressful 2020 now is a good time to recalibrate and energize both our mental outlook and our physical well being.

This class will give you valuable and practical steps you can begin to use right away to improve your emotional and physical well being on and off the job and begin the new year in a positive frame of mind and body.

In the morning session you will cover the mental and emotional stresses that reduce your productivity and affect you at work and home. The causes of stress will be identified and positive coping techniques will be covered and explained.

In the afternoon session physical and well being will be covered. Sound and achievable techniques will be thoroughly explained on how to be healthier and just feel better. As we all know, when we are physically fit we can be more active and more in touch with what really matters in our work and family.

Plus, being in good condition has been proven to reduce stress and improve our overall outlook.

Your Presenters:

(10:00 am - 12:00 pm) Erik-ka McCall, PHR, IH-MESH
Erik-ka McCall has over 12 years experience in the manufacturing industry and as a Human Resources and Safety Professional. Erik-ka has been certified in Mental Health First Aid since 2014 and has over 35 years as a public speaker.

(1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) Ali Hartman, Consulting, PT, DPT
Clinically trained as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Ali Hartman harbors a deep appreciation for the human body and the resilience it holds. Unlike traditional rehabilitation professionals, Ali spends the majority of her time outside of the clinic walls, embedding herself within employer populations to maximize the health, well-being, and performance of employees. As a musculoskeletal expert, she is well versed in the prevention and treatment of the most common and costly conditions plaguing our working populations. Having completed advanced certifications in Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies, and residency at Pro-Activity, a human achievement company that has specialized in workplace prevention and health promotion with industrialized workforces for the pasts 20 years.