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Mecklenburg County, NC Defensive Driving Course

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the course cost?

The 4-hour Defensive Driving Course costs $65.00. If you are taking the class for a Prayer for Judgement (PJC) in Mecklenburg County, then the court fee of $188.00 must also be paid, bringing the total to $253.00.

The 8-hour ADD Course costs $100.00. If you are taking the class for a Prayer for Judgement (PJC) in Mecklenburg County, then the court fee of $188.00 must also be paid, bringing the total to $288.00.

The SafeTEEN Class costs $75.00. If you are taking the class for a Prayer for Judgement (PJC) in Mecklenburg County, then the court fee of $188.00 must also be paid, bringing the total to $263.00.

Do I have to go to court?

No. If you are taking the class for a Prayer for Judgement for a Mecklenburg County ticket, you do not have to go to court. The program is designed to help reduce traffic in Mecklenburg County Court. When a traffic citation is issued in Mecklenburg County, the officer may provide you with a leaflet that explains the class options available to you. You may have also received this leaflet in the mail or at your first appearance in court. After registering online or on the phone, you pay fees at the time of your class, and the Council will handle the remainder of the process with the court for you.

Why do I have to pay court costs?

You are charged with a moving traffic violation that is entered for prosecution by the district attorney. When eligibility is met, opting to complete the class is an agreement by the court to enter a "prayer for judgement continued" to conclude the case. The PJC has significant benefits but dismissal of court fees to recover processing costs is not one of them.

What is a PJC (Prayer for judgement Continued)?

In simplest terms, a PJC means the court accepts your admission of guilt on a violation but imposes no sentence. Therefore, regarding moving traffic violations, there are no insurance points (one PJC is allowed per household in a three (3) year period) or driver's license points (2 PJC's are allowed in a five (5) year period).

How do I know if I have received a PJC before?

This is up to you to determine. PJC's are a court judgement therefore a PJC would only granted if you or your attorney had secured one on your behalf. You may check your driving record by requesting a copy from DMV or contact your insurance agent.

What if I have an attorney, an out of county or state citation, or I have been asked to return to court?

If this is the case, you will be charged the CLASS FEE ONLY.  You will be responsible for returning your certificate to the appropriate parties. The fees are as follows: 4 hour - $65.00;  8 hour - $100.00;  SafeTeen  - $75.00

Do I have to pass a test at the end of class?

Our courses are built upon the active involvement in the class by each and every student. Provided all students participate, there are no passing or failing grades associated with our courses.

Is behind-the-wheel driving involved?

We offer the safeTEEN Driving Academy Program for behind-the-wheel training.

Is child care available?

No, and 15 years old is the minimum age for course attendance.

Will I get a certificate of completion at the end of class?

Yes. You will receive one part of the completion certificate; the other part will be attached to your traffic citation and sent to the court for you. This will remove your case from the court’s docket and enter a PJC on the violation.

If you are taking the class for a lawyer or out of county/state citation, or to return to court, you will receive both portions of your certificate, and will be responsible for getting the certificate to the appropriate party(ies).

How far in advance do I have to take the class?

Two weeks ahead of your court date are recommended however there may be some flexibility to adjust for extenuating circumstances.

Can I take the class after my court date has passed?

Only if you have appeared in court and the district attorney has continued your original court date in order to take the class. Written approval from the district attorney or your lawyer will now be required to take the class.

Will the class remove points from my license?

No, generally an eligible driver may avoid the assessment of insurance and driver's license points but the course must be taken for a pending traffic ticket.

Can I take the class online?

No, online courses will not be accepted.

I have a commercial driver's license (CDL), am I eligible for the class?

No. The NC legislature eliminated the benefits of a PJC for a commercial driver or for someone who is cited for a violation while driving a commercial vehicle. You may wish to explore other options with an attorney or attend your court date and discuss options with the district attorney.

Can I register for class if I do not have a driver's license?

Yes, you may register with a state identification card.

Do I complete the class at one time?

Yes, all classes must be completed in one for hour or one 8 hour time period.

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