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Flagger 4 Hour Course

$65 Member or Non-Member    4 MESH Hours

NC DOT Approved Course

Controlling traffic through work areas is one the most important and dangersous operations in construction. National Safety Council's Flagger 4 Hour Training Course is a comprehensive skill-building session that meets federal industry guidelines: the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the ANSI standard ISEA-107-1999, the Office of Highway Safety, the Federal Highway Administration, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation guidelines.

This course will train flaggers to provide safe passage of traffic through and around work areas and minimize confusion by bringing standard flagging procedures to our nation's highways.

Students will gain:

  • Thorough understanding of flagging procedures and proper use of required equipment
  • Improved flagging skills from hands-on training, classroom activities and a flagging skills test
  • Increased ability to coordinate traffic movement through the work zone


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Call Charlotte at (704) 644-4220 or
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