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Defensive Driving Course Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
Instructor Development Course

National Safety Council's defensive driving instructor certification is required to teach the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving 8 Hour course. Training materials must be purchased and audio visual materials must be leased to maintain Training Agency status. There is a $55.00 annual renewal fee. Each course provides the technical information needed to teach a specific DDC curriculum, along with ways to facilitate and present the information. Instructors will learn how to determine audience needs, improve participation, handle objections, and incorporate activities.

DDC – ADD 8 hour class is used extensively for court referrals, as a diversion program for drivers with excessive violations, and to retrain drivers with poor driving records. This course addresses the attitudes of problem drivers so participants can see that their choices have financial, legal, and personal consequences.

Course Features:

  • Self-assessment profile to evaluate driving behaviors
  • Exercises to help understand the connection between choices and consequences
  • Defensive driving techniques and content on how distracted driving, alcohol consumption, and drugs affect driving
  • An emphasis on making a commitment to change driving behaviors
  • Resources to help develop an action plan



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$1494 Member          $1665 Non-Member
Pricing includes e-learning, class, and Instructor Kit