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Everyone knows that traffic tickets can result in court appearances, fines, and higher insurance costs. However, you may have additional options in Mecklenburg, Wake, and select other North Carolina counties that can save you money while improving your driving. Since 1989 our Safe Driving Program has provided drivers with potential reductions on a traffic violation in exchange for completing the 4-hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course.

Defensive Driving Course

DDC- 4 Hour - 6th Edition

Instructor Development Course

DDC instructor certification is required to teach National Safety Council's 4 hour 6th edition course. Training materials must be purchased and audio visual materials must be leased to maintain Training Agency status. There is a $55.00 annual renewal fee. Each course provides the technical information needed to teach a specific DDC curriculum, along with ways to facilitate and present the information. Instructors will learn how to determine audience needs, improve participation, handle objections, and incorporate activities.

This National Safety Council 4-hour instructor-led classroom course features an interactive on-screen guide during select segments, group discussions to encourage participant involvement and more. It also offers greater flexibility so organizations can teach the course in multiple session blocks if desired. The course motivates participants to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes, and provides the knowledge and skills they need to avoid collisions and traffic violations.

Course Features:

  • Blended learning methods to encourage greater student participation and group interaction
  • Multimedia presentation with hazard condition re-enactments and real-life driving scenarios
  • Multiple testing strategies, written activities, knowledge checks, and a final exam
  • Six 10-minute supplemental modules you can opt to teach based on safety issues or incident trends

Course Materials:
Instructor Certification Package

  • Instructor Manual
  • Student Course Guide with easy-to-follow layout, session objectives, and activities
  • Universal Certification Card and Certificate of Completion
  • Teaching DDC 4 Candidate Instructor Guide
  • Instructor Certification - the fee is included in your first year with certification, then billed annually after that

Teaching Kit:

  • Multimedia presentation with instructional content
  • Five defensive driving videos addressing distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, and more
  • Eight hazard scenarios for participant analysis, awareness raising, and skills development


$325 Member     $450 Non-Member      14 MESH Hours

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November 9-10 in Charlotte


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