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Everyone knows that traffic tickets can result in court appearances, fines, and higher insurance costs. However, you may have additional options in Mecklenburg, Wake, and select other North Carolina counties that can save you money while improving your driving. Since 1989 our Safe Driving Program has provided drivers with potential reductions on a traffic violation in exchange for completing the 4-hour National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course.

Defensive Driving Course

DDC- 4 Hour - 6th Edition

Instructor Development Course

This four-hour instructor-led classroom course now offers greater flexibility for organizations who would like to customize session blocks. This course will motivate participants to change their behind-the-wheel behaviors and attitudes. It will give them key understanding, skills and techniques to avoid collisions and reduce future violations. The result is a more responsible driver who grasps best practices to prevent injury and death while operating a motor vehicle.

What you will learn:

  • The stages, causes and prevention of collisions
  • How to reduce collision risk with defensive driving strategies
  • How driving distractions such as talking and texting affect driving ability
  • The definition of impairment and its related dangers
  • The impact of physical, weather, road and traffic conditions
  • How to identify and minimize aggressive driving activities
  • The four fatal driving behaviors

Who would benefit:

Businesses that adopt National Safety Council's DDC 4 program as their best driver safety practice show their commitment to safety for employees, their families and the public. This training can also help to improve an organization's bottom line, lower worker's compensation insurance costs, decrease fleet premiums, reduce liability exposure and create a culture of safety.

Courts that use the DDC 4 program in their ticket dismissal program combat driving fatality rates by changing driver attitudes and behaviors. The program also allows courts to reduce court congestion, decrease case workloads and save lives.

Individuals who take the DDC 4 course gain a new awareness of roadway safety and defensive driving helping them to reduce risk of collisions, dismiss traffic tickets, avoid insurance increases, qualify for court supervision and fulfill court ordered driver education.

Expanded Course Materials

This is the most media rich four-hour driver safety training course from the National Safety Council, complete with videos, hazard clips, animated visuals and an instructional "guide". It also includes group discussions, individual written activities and a written exam.

*Because the DDC courses are nationally standardized, any organization wishing to conduct training must be approved and registered with the National Safety Council.  Training materials must be purchased and audio visual materials must be leased to maintain Training Agency status. There is a $55.00 annual renewal fee.


$325 Member     $450 Non-Member      14 MESH Hours

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December 9-10 in Raleigh

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April 7-8 in Charlotte

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