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NSC's Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens - Instructor Development Course

OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29 CFR 1910.1030) requires employers to safeguard employees who face potential occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials.

The National Safety Council Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens course helps reduce these risks by focusing on how to protect your employees from blood and airborne pathogens and what to do if an exposure occurs. If you are interested in teaching Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens, the National Safety Council makes it easy. You can purchase the Instructor Resource Kit and start teaching right away.

Course Content:

The entire text of the OSHA standard and a glossary of terms to help understand it

A thorough introduction to bloodborne and airborne pathogens, including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and TB

Proven steps to reduce exposure risks and prevent infection

Action to take if an exposure occurs

Information on influenza pandemic

Needle Stick Safety and Prevention act

Recordkeeping and exposure control plans

What you’ll learn:

Introduction to bloodborne pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens including hepatitis viruses and HIV

Preventing infection from bloodborne pathogens

Airborne pathogens including tuberculosis

Influenza and potential influenza pandemic


Course Materials: Click here for order info

Instructor Manual with lesson plans, exams, and additional scenarios for class discussions

Instructor CD with PowerPoint® presentation

21-minute DVD with standardized and correct demonstration skills

Student Workbook (64 pages in full color with nationally recognized course completion card)


Who Would Benefit:

Dentists and dental hygienists

Lab workers

Police officers

Animal handlers


Anyone who may come in contact with blood or potentially infectious materials


$275 Member     $350 Non-Member     4 MESH Hours