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Safety Leadership in the Ever Changing Work Environment


One thing we have all learned in the past year is how quickly our personal and work environments can change. In the work world these periods of change, whether caused by external or internal factors, are times when safety professionals have to show leadership by guiding their employees to handle the changes in a safe manner. These times of uncertainty are stressful for all but give everyone in safety an opportunity to show how strong safety leadership can make real difference in companies and in the lives of employees.

This session will cover:

  • The process of hazard recognition in all conditions and in both simple and complex enironments.
  • How to utilize safety committees to make significant contributions in times of change and workplace transitions.

Attend this class and learn how you can become a better safety leader and safety mentor to others in your company.

NOTE: This session is a part of the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina's Pertinent Issues Program and is provided at no charge.

About Our Instructor:

Andy Sterlen, MESH, C-MESH, IH-MESH
Health and Safety Specialist, NC Department of Labor, OSH Division - Bureau of Education, Training and Technical Assistance - Raleigh, NC

Andy began his career as a process chemist in the field of polymer chemistry where he was introduced to plant design and engineering including the mysteries of process safety management. After 4 years, he returned to graduate school at NCSU in Pulp and Paper and Chemical Engineering. He returned to industry as a plant manager and lead engineer where there he honed his professional safety skills creating and managing an effective Process Safety Management program and chemical hygiene plan. After 13 years he joined NC DOL as a Health and Safety Education and Training Specialist where he continues as an instructor in various safety and health including chemical hygiene and PSM.

Class Date:

March 3 - 9:00am - 12:00pm Virtual - SOLD OUT