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How to Conduct a Remote Office Ergonomics Assessment

A year into this pandemic, people are still working from home and may continue to do so in the long-term at a higher rate than pre-pandemic. Ergonomics related injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome and back strain, are compensable under worker's compensation if they are work-related, regardless of the employee's location.

In this interactive seminar you will learn to conduct a remote office ergonomics evaluation using a simple, easy to follow checklist. Low cost and even no cost solutions will be highlighted in order to make your employees more comfortable and improve their health and safety.

About Our Instructor:

Mindy Smith, MEng, CPE
Mindy is a Certified Professional Ergonomist with over 20 years of experience in industrial, military, office, and hospital environments. Her clients include the FBI, US Marine Corps, Smithsonian Institution, and the Department of Defense Inspector General.


$125 Member     $160 Non-Member

4 MESH Hours

Class Date:

March 9, 8:30am - 12:30pm Virtual - Click to register